About Honokuni

Why is Higashi Mikawa called Honokuni? Let’s learn about the origins of Honokuni’s naming by sifting through some history.

Honokuni is the name for the Higashi Mikawa Area in Aichi Prefecture.

Before the Taika Reform of 645, there was an area called Honokuni. This area filled with abundant crops was in the Eastern part of Aichi Prefecture spreading to Mt. Miyaji in the west and the middle basin of the Toyokawa River in the north. The name Honokuni was passed down from generation to generation for the Higashi Mikawa Area in Aichi Prefecture (Toyohashi, Toyokawa, Gamagori, Shinshiro, Tahara, Shitara-cho, Toei-cho and Toyone-mura) throughout history.



The cities, towns and villages that make up Honokuni. All of these cities, towns and villages are overflowing with the unique qualities of Higashi Mikawa.

  • Toyohashi

    This is the largest city in Higashi Mikawa with a population of around 380,000. This area is not only an urban area. It is also full of splendid nature.

  • Toyokawa

    Toyokawa is famous for the Toyokawa Inari and inarizushi. This historical area is home to one of the three major Inari Temples in Japan.

  • Gamagori

    Enjoy the long beaches and various different resort facilities. Gamagori is famous for its mandarin oranges which are grown in the warm climate.

  • Shinshiro

    Abundant nature, great tasting gourmet food and events all year round. One of the largest rally events in Japan showcasing the wonderful nature of the city.

  • Tahara

    On the Pacific Ocean with a view as far as the eye can see. World championship surfing events are held here at Long Beach, one of Japan’s most prominent surfing spots.

  • Shitara-cho

    The abundant nature and clear streams kept intact, and traditions succeeded generation after generation. The source of many clear waters including the Tenryugawa River, Toyokawa River and Yahagigawa River. Exciting events centering around the clear waters.

  • Toei-cho

    A town overflowing with nature surrounded by mountains and forests. Crystal clear rivers and star filled night skies. A wondrous vast nature which can only be enjoyed in the countryside.

  • Toyone-mura

    Abundant nature which changes throughout the year. Fish farms of the brand name Royal Fish utilizing the abundant water resources of the area are popular.