About Us

We are active with the aim of utilizing tourism resources and regional resources owned by each region and collaborating and attracting tourism.

Organization name Aichi Prefecture Higashi Mikawa Wide Area Tourism Association
Address Ishizuka 42-1, Haneda-cho Toyohashi City, 440-0075 (Toyohashi Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
Establishment April 16, 1998
Tel 0532-21-8511
Mail higashimikawa@honokuni.or.jp
Chairman Sato Motohide (Chairman of Toyohashi Tourism Convention Association)
Purpose The municipalities of Aichi Prefecture Higashi Mikawa cooperate and aim to attract sightseeing by utilizing tourism resources and regional resources possessed by each region. (Article 1 of the Council Regulations)
Main business 1. Higashi Mikawa area tourism promotion promotion project
2. Higashi Mikawa wide area sightseeing introduction poster, creation of a pamphlet
3. Introducing Higashi Mikawa area tourism goods and special products
4. In addition to those listed in the preceding items, business to achieve the purpose of this council