Tsugu Flower Festival

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  • Tsugu Flower Festival

The Tsugu Flower Festival is held every year from the afternoon of January 2nd in the Maido Garden of Tsugu’s Shiratori Shrine. The festival starts with the hachinomai performance and continues with the shikisanban, hinenogi, jigatamenomai and mikagura performances. At around 9:00PM, there is a yamami oni performance. Afterwards, performers carry yutabusa straw brushes and dance the yubayashi to a nimble tempo for a shizume calming ceremony which is carried out until the following morning.


Address Tsugu Shiratori, Shitara-cho, Kita Shitara-gun, Aichi Prefecture
Hours 1:00PM to 4:00AM the next morning, every year on January 2nd
Fees Free of charge
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