Mennoki Park

Area:Shitara-cho   Category:Nature

  • Mennoki Park

Visitors can enjoy different scenery all year long due to the 1,240m elevation. The village people at the foot of the mountain have revered this place as a holy mountain home to powerful tengu since the Kamakura Era (1185). People did not easily approach this area due to fears of the tengu. It is said that the tengu children at the sides of the powerful tengu gather from all around to practice divine spirit, divine will and magic at the nearby stone area. The area around Tengudana and the Mennoki Pass is equipped with facilities such as parking lots, parks, promenades (mountain climbing trails) and observatories enabling visitors to enjoy observing precious wildlife and plant life such as alpine plants.


Address 3-67 Tsugu Takazasa, Shitara-cho, Kita Shitara-kun, Aichi Prefecture
Fees Free of charge
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