Damine Kannon Festival Hono Kabuki

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  • Damine Kannon Festival Hono Kabuki

Every year on the second Sunday in February, a Hono Kabuki performance (local amateur theatrical performance) is carried out in Damine Kannon.

In around 1650, lumber was cut down from Mt. Dando for the reconstruction of Damine Nikkoji Temple. Some of these trees were cut from the Shogunate owned forests so Otowa magistrates were sent to survey the area which would mean trouble for the village people. The village people pleaded to the god Damine Kannon, “Please help the village. If you help us, we will dedicate kabuki performances without fail until the time when this village decreases to 3 houses.” Then snow began falling on the mountains of Dando even though it was only June of the lunar calendar and the magistrates could not cross the mountains saving the village people. Since then, a kabuki performance is dedicated to the God Damine Kannon every year during the festival.


Address 14 Damine Kajisawa, Shitara-cho, Kita Shitara-gun, Aichi Prefecture
Hours Second Sunday of February every year
Fees Free of charge
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