Damine Buddhist Incantation Dancing

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  • Damine Buddhist Incantation Dancing

On August 1st, this Damine Bon event starts with the opening of the kama pot starting the training for the 4 part Buddhist incantation in preparation for Obon. A number of events are carried out including the gohoraku which is a memorial service for the ancestors of the entire town at Nikkoji Temple from the evening of the 14th, the first Obon memorial service on the 15th, the Buddhist incantation gakiokuri for those who have passed away over the last year and those who passed away with no one to attend to their grave at Nikkoji Temple on the 16th and the Kannonsama no Bon ceremony which combines a memorial service for the departed and a Buddhist incantation dance at Damine Kannon Temple on the 17th.


Address All over the area of Shitara-cho, Kita Shitara-gun, Aichi Prefecture
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